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Things We Dig: Todd Snyder + Champion Sportswear

Deeply rooted in nostalgic Americana, the new collaboration between menswear designer Todd Snyder and active wear giant Champion Sportswear promises to impress on or off the field…

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Tauro x Andrea Cammarosano: Invisible Friends Collection S/S 2013

“Travel light” is an axiom most of us swear by–so peep the Tauro x Andrea Cammarosano collab.


Things We Dig | The “Thank You Jay Dee, Act 3” Podcast via J.Rocc for Stones Throw Records

J Dilla changed my life by way of J. Rocc who mixed this joint. I remember this was one of the first podcasts I had ever heard from the now infamous Stones Throw record label…


Things We Dig: A.P.C. Spring 2012 Moccasin

My love for A.P.C. is no secret and fortunately for us, A.P.C. couldn’t keep a secret about their new ankle-high moccasin either…

Killing it at the decks...

Things We Dig: [Miles Maeda | Nite Romantics: Vol.1]

Miles Maeda: “…I felt it important, nay imperative, to compile some personal ‘extended mix’ favorites. Give it a listen with fresh ears and an open mind, the flame will at once be rekindled for those big booming drums, stuttered vocal samples, and dubby space-echoed synths. Enjoy!”

Justin Faust

Things We Dig: La Grand Bouffe | A Justin Faust Mixtape

La Grand Bouffe is a mixtape [or rather a gift] by Justin Faust in the form of new French goodness: A great uptempo mix with heavy early 80’s R&B influences a la D Train, Stephanie Mills and Shannon as well as new wave synth–Special thx to @strictlysocial for the original post!

RF3 ENVi Natural Wood Stereo Earbud

Things We Dig: [RF3 ENVi Natural Wood Stereo Earbuds]

The RF3 ENVi corded headsets use AirCom2 Technology to keep potentially harmful radiation away from your head while delivering an uncompromised clear acoustic experience. The ergonomic positioning of the RF3 ENVi Sound Chamber, made from natural wood provides better communication and hassle-free use.


Things We Dig: Silkie [Train Wreck Mix via RBMA]

West London born and raised, Silkie started producing Grime and Garage at the tender age of 15. Part of the Anti Social collective alongside Quest, Harry Craze and J5, nowadays his sound joins the dots between dubstep, UK garage and Detroit techno.

Interior-The Pearl

Things We Dig: The Pearl Hotel | San Diego

Who doesn’t like a good thing? There’s no denying that on the Left Coast, we want to enjoy the weather while it lasts [a good thing]—And yep, Fall has introduced itself, but there seems to be no lightening of the sunshine, so why not enjoy it in the proper surroundings right?

Lineaus Athletic Company

Things We Dig: [Lineaus Athletic Co.]

They’re usually for medicine ball cleans, thrusters and slams; tools for flexing some serious hip action, but Lineaus Athletic adds a bit more polish to their balls. [Oh grow up would you? Jesus.]

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