Things We Dig: [Summit Creek Dry Goods]

Summit Creek Dry Goods: [Leather Card Case]

“I spend a fair amount of time designing my goods to reflect historic styles, be highly functional, and also to look good at the same time. A balance between function and form is always important for me. Something I create has to work well, otherwise it is useless no matter how good it looks. I’d rather let the simple design and solid materials speak for the piece.”

The Northwest has given me new appreciation for the time and effort people put into things…especially when they’re hand-crafted. There are some of the best natural wood workers, cabinet makers, furniture designers and metal workers of high repute; there are even distilleries of distinction where the best grains are crafted into bespoke libation for people to sip and savor

Which is why, after coming into contact with some highly-skilled artisans that reside here, that that I appreciate the hand-made touch given to almost everything.
Summit Creek Dry Goods are such artisans . They take great pride in designing and crafting goods by hand using natural materials. In this case: leather card holders.

 The price point for artisan hand-made items such as these are a steal as you’ll see on the online store, so as you have the means– I highly recommend picking up a few.


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