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Who doesn’t like a good thing? There’s no denying that on the Left Coast, we want to enjoy the weather while it lasts [a good thing]—And yep, Fall has introduced itself, but there seems to be no lightening of the sunshine, so why not enjoy it in the proper surroundings right?

San Diego’s Pearl Hotel is such a good thing. —A hip, intimate, mid-century hotel concept that’s a niche marriage of high design and modern beach style; backed by stellar service, it continually proves itself a win– for the guest and the reputation of the Pearl Hotel.

And yep, I know.—The Pearl Hotel is not new. But what is new is the idea that an cozy “Down to Earth-Up With Style” concept like the Pearl can compete with larger hotel chains 3 times its size, that are closer to the airport, and manages to be competitively priced to be the best in its price range for under $150 and be ranked in the top 50 best hotels in the world according to AOL…

We rap with Greg Strangman about what the hell is going on over at the Pearl Hotel and why it’s so special.

TS: Hey man—long time–how are you?

GS: Good Ty–How have you been?

TS: Good!–Still settling into the NW, getting the swing of and eating and drinking my way through Portland, OR…It’s fantastic.

GS: Nice! Definitely one of my top 5 cities to visit. The Ace Hotel there does a really good job in creating a cool experience [for the guest]. They’ve done it right.

TS: Which brings me to our call—What made you want to do The Pearl Hotel on Rosecrans?

GS: We wanted something cool—in a great neighborhood. That was important to us. I mean we really looked: North Park, Downtown and the surrounding areas… we wanted vintage 60’s architecture—that was important for us, and the neighborhood was important as well.

TS: So cadence-a sense of history and a sense of place was important?

GS Yeah—it really was. And when we found it, it couldn’t have been more perfect. I mean sure, I wish it were bigger, but it was in the middle of an historic neighborhood [Point Loma/Rosecrans], the new Liberty Station concept was building across the way and in dealing with the city and some of the hold-ups, looking back on all of that, I realized, I’m trying to convince these people to let us do this and show them the kind of property we want to create! It was tough. When they finally came down and we showed them what we were wanting to do, it got easier.

TS: I dig the Pearl Hotel.

GS We dig on it too: It’s close the airport, close to Downtown—there isn’t anything like our property any where I can tell—I mean, you have Tower 23 in Pacific Beach, but we’re in Point Loma and they have a nice property, but the Pearl is special. It’s local—it’s fun: The Pearl has hand-crafted beer from San Diego brewers: Lost Abbey/Port Brewers, AleSmith, Ballast Point , Stone –just to name a few—perfect for Burger and beer Tuesdays–

We do a “Bikes and Brunch” on Sundays, we do the “Dive-In Movie Theatre series where we project movies outside on screen—it’s sort of a free cinema social type-of-thing that combine film selection, food and drink– The event is at our poolside lounge and theater located outdoors and connected to Restaurant at The Pearl.

People check in and then ride beach cruisers for free through the harbor of Point Loma which we’re also close to. It’s about “local, local, local” for us.

We’ve got a great Bistro night on Mondays in our restaurant bar that’s pretty awesome…it’s about continually bring fresh, new and innovative ideas you know?

TS: It’s like a succession of these cool experiences…

GS: Yes! We know people are cost conscious, but that doesn’t mean sacrificing style—it’s our mantra here at the Pearl: Down to Earth, Up with Style; We’re a 4 star service on a two-star budget. If you’re merely looking for a bed, then we’re not the hotel for you, but if you’re looking for an experience that’s a cut above then you’ll want to check us out.

TS: What other hotels do you like?

GS: The Parker Hotel in Palm Springs is amazing—The Hotel Costes in Paris, France is pretty amazing as well…The Grupo Habita group of hotels are doing a fantastic job—I stayed with them in Mexico—Playa Del Carmen. Unbelievable.

TS What’s important to you when you travel?

GS: My girlfriend always laughs at me when I say this, but as long as I have a strong internet connection, you can stick me in a damn closet—as long as I have a a solid connection, I’m good—she’s always teasing me that I’m on my laptop, but it’s how I stay connected to what I’m doing.

High design is important: We worked with Petar Perisic, an award winning architect and Michael Soriano who I work with regularly, did the environmental design. I mentioned places like the Ace Hotel because they get it, that’s why we look up to people like them for design because of the way they do it.

Lastly,- it’s about service; I mean, you could go somewhere and have an “ok” meal, but if the service is great then you’re a bit more forgiving, but if the food is amazing and the service is shit, then I’ll never go back. And I’ll relay my experience to friends should they ask. I mean we’re in a service industry–service is important. People need to remember that. Especially in this economy. It’s really all about the guest. They’re always going to be your best critics.

TS: Well—thanks for your time Greg—I’m much obliged for it.

GS: No worries Ty-I’ll see you soon.

[As of this writing, I’m checking in to the Pearl Hotel.]

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