Things We Dig: [RF3 ENVi Natural Wood Stereo Earbuds]


The RF3 ENVi corded headsets use AirCom2 Technology to keep potentially harmful radiation away from your head while delivering an uncompromised clear acoustic experience.  The ergonomic positioning of the RF3 ENVi Sound Chamber, made from natural wood provides better communication and hassle-free use.

Whether on the phone or rocking with the best of your favorite tunes and playlists, the RF3 ENVi will deliver the clearest audio possible.  Regular headphones send audio waves through wires directly in your ears.  The RF3 ENVi utilizes a state-of-the-art SPL enhanced sound chamber.  This technology sends wired audio into a natural wood speaker that travel up through air tubes and into your ears, keeping radiation away from your head while giving you a live undisrupted acoustic sound.


  • Earbuds made from natural wood, paired with noise isolating rubber ear tips capture the essence of sound
  • AirCom2 technology provides you with a unique audio delivery process utilizing an airtube to produce “live” sound with no interference
  • Microphone specially designed for clear communication and features a squeeze on/off button
  • Eco-Friendly Packing


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