Warning Shot | A Men’s Style Manifesto

…I’ve known for some time that I wanted to see + experience something different in way of men’s style, yet I was set adrift idling in a sea of sameness.

Hungry, I gorged myself on what content was available and by way of the #menswear machination, I was spoon-fed enough of those ‘ideal’ style archetypes to indoctrinate a nation of millions: Steve McQueen, Robert Redford and Miles Davis; masterfully curated in order to form a more perfect union of masculinity and men’s style as if these were the right array of essential fats, complex carbs and engineered proteins.

But as it turns out, this formulaic approach built an intolerance and the same static approach to cool gave way to the opposite of what fresh is supposed to be.

I have, over time, developed a severe allergic reaction to men’s style group-think: those categorically neat, tidy, Gilt-ridden ideas on style that have us continue to examine what we already know when really what I’m trying to do is Lewis and Clark this shit for real.

Open source men’s style that is fresh, collaborative and constantly evolving is a requisite; useful intel with which to arm yourself as you engage your various publics has never been more crucial…

Ergo, We, in order to form our own perfect idea of style, deem it necessary to break rank in order to bring you the style hollow points necessary to stage that siege on steeze via briefs and useful intel from the field to raise your game AND your gear quotient–on or off the grid.

Dress to kill. Ask questions last.


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Steward of I.CON blog & founder of I.CON imageconcepts: Men's style consul that freshly engages your various publics.

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