Warning Shot | Mens Style Munitions: A Manifesto

Like a lot of you, I have known for some time that the status quo aren’t the only ones who have the power to platform men’s style, still, I sat idly by, mesmerized by it’s steady stream of content–doing nothing.

Hungry, I consumed what sources were available and by the miracle of media machination, I was spoon-fed enough of those ideal style archetypes to indoctrinate a nation of millions.

Bottle fed on the Similac of artifice, I suckled on a reconstituted rebirth of cool which included the likes of: Steve McQueen, Robert Redford and Miles Davis; all in order to form a more perfect union of masculinity, men’s style and swagger as if these were the right array of essential fats, complex carbs and perfectly engineered proteins.

But as it turns out, this formulaic approach built an intolerance and the same static approach to cool gave way to the opposite of what fresh is supposed to be.

I have, over time, developed an adverse reaction to men’s style group-think: those categorically neat, tidy, Gilt-ridden ideas on style which have cats proceed to directively tell me why I can’t (or shouldn’t) wear black, or attempt to school me on the cadence of the menswear blog as we know it.


What’s needed is open source men’s style that is collaborative and constantly evolving. That pushes boundaries…

What’s needed is useful information not just one dimensional preening; I need style hollow-points and an arsenal of sound strategy and fresh ideas sharp enough to pierce body armor as I navigate and meet opportunity as well as my various publics…

And as a member of those various publics, in order to form my own perfect idea of style, deem it necessary to break from your style advice to build my own throne (as opposed to watching yours) and do solemnly swear to give all that I have to provide my brethren the ammunition necessary to stage that siege on steeze; providing briefs and useful intel from the field to raise your game AND your gear quotient on or off the grid.

Dress to kill…Ask questions last.


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